Consortial Meeting #6

On March 17th, 2017 the Brelomate team met at the company location of Kabelplus in Maria Enzersdorf. The evaluation and the results of the first month of the fieldstudy were presented and discussed. They also reflected the current state of the fieldstudy, as well as the future steps and development. Moreover, the introduction of UmBrello, a […]

Paper accepted

Results of reliability analysis published

Great news volks! A paper dealing with the reliability of our 3D kinematic measurement methods was accepted for publication in the Journal of Gait & Posture. The title of our lovely paper is: Within-assessor reliability and minimal detectable change of gait kinematics in a young obese demographic. A link to the full text will be provided […]

Start of the field study

On February 20th, 2017 the field study of Brelomate 2 starts and the first slot, which contains 6 participants, are going to be able to play against each other. Our technical assistant from Kabelplus visits the participants, arranges the setup and gives a detailed introduction which includes also a test game against another Kabelplus staff. […]


Annual meeting held at the AUVA

The entire IntelliTeam met this week (11.01.2017) for the annual “Research Workshop” at the Weißer Hof, AUVA in Klosterneuburg. The team discussed critical points in the project, defined the road map for 2017 and also had some coffee (just as researcher do). So stay tuned for upcoming information and results in our project. We´re already […]

Consortial Meeting #5

On December 14th, 2016 the members of the FH St.Pölten and Kabelplus met in St.Pölten. The main topic was the fieldstudy, which is going to start in February 2017. The way of the Brelomate installation, the tasks that have to be performed and other preparations in relation to the field study were discussed. Furthermore, there […]

Brelomate 2 – Information Event for Test Household Acquisition

Brelomate 2 – Information Event for Test Household Acquisition 30.November 2016/ The Brelomate team is looking for participants for their upcoming field study in 2017. Therefore, they hosted an information event, which should introduce and explain the whole project to the older generation and took place at FH St.Pölten. Moreover, at the event it was […]

FH St. Pölten / David Artner

First Dataset available

  Great news! We have worked hard in the last months to extract a first dataset comprising several hundred anonymized ground reaction force data. This dataset will be used to develop the first pattern recognition algorithms. So stay tuned for more …

Lower Austrian Innovation award

And the Winner is ….

Great news folks! The SONIGait team won yesterday the Lower Austrian Innovation Award in the category Research and Science. The price was handed over in a great award ceremony at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. We are proud and happy that our project is of such great interest to so many people. Thanks!