ESMAC – Abstract accepted for presentation

Great news! Our submitted abstract “Ground reaction force measurements for gait classification tasks: Effects of different PCA-based representations” was accepted for the 26th annual meeting of the European scientific society for clinical gait and movement analysis (ESMAC) taking place this year in Trondheim, Norway from the 6-9  September. See you in Trondheim!


Annual meeting held at the AUVA

The entire IntelliTeam met this week (11.01.2017) for the annual “Research Workshop” at the Weißer Hof, AUVA in Klosterneuburg. The team discussed critical points in the project, defined the road map for 2017 and also had some coffee (just as researcher do). So stay tuned for upcoming information and results in our project. We´re already […]

FH St. Pölten / David Artner

First Dataset available

  Great news! We have worked hard in the last months to extract a first dataset comprising several hundred anonymized ground reaction force data. This dataset will be used to develop the first pattern recognition algorithms. So stay tuned for more …

IntelliTeam Update

Tarique Siragy left our research group by end of September. He will attend a Phd Program in Canada within the next months. We would like to thank Tarique for his great contribution to our project and wish him all the best for his future. Caterine Schwab will follow him in this project. Caterine is already […]

FH St. Pölten / Caterine Schwab

Caterine Schwab

is junior researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and the Institute for Sciences and Services in Health. She gained experience in motion analysis and biomechanical investigations during her Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology study at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna and during the practical work for her master Thesis in […]