Brelomate – Connecting the Older Generation While ICT has a huge impact on everyday communication and social participation, elderly people struggle to overcome technical barriers such as complex interaction with devices and services. With BRELOMATE their own TV becomes the center of gaming and video communication.

UoAS St. Poelten / Team Brelomate

UoAS St. Poelten / Team Brelomate

Home Setup The inexpensive home setup consists of three potentially available devices: a TV plus set-top box, an internet router and a tablet. The BRELOMATE second screen tablet app is a control unit that interacts with a set-top box for game visualization and live communication.

FHSTP / Mario Ingerle

Elderly research participants wanted

The team of Brelomate 2 is looking for senior citizens to participate in a field study on online-communication. In spring 2017 our Brelomate communication and gaming platform will be tested in 36 households in the St. Pölten area.