FH St. Pölten / David Artner

Training induced reduction of lower- limb joint loads during locomotion in obese children

The aim of the Childrens’ Knees study is to analyse the changes in biomechanical gait characteristics of obese children and adolescents and furthermore to develop a specific exercise programme for this target group based on the discovered results. The exercise programme will be focused on neuromuscular and muscle strength training of lower extremity muscles and should reduce joint loads at hip and knee of obese children and adolescents.

Paper accepted

Gait & Posture – Paper accepted

Great news! Another paper dealing with the reliability of our 3D kinematic measurement methods and the effect of different hip joint center estimation methods was accepted for publication in the Journal of Gait & Posture. The title of our lovely paper is: Is the reliability of 3D kinematics of young obese participants dependent on the […]

Children´s Knees Team Update

  We have a new temporary team member! Florian Kastner is participating as a trainee in the Children`s Knees Project during July. Before starting the last year of his studies at secondary school, he is greatly supporting the Children´s Knees team in terms of processing motion capture data. Stay tuned for more news about our […]